My Approach to Hip and Knee Replacement

My goal is to spend time with patients and help them understand their condition as well as possible treatment options. While I perform over 500 Ultra-Minimally Invasive Hip and Knee Replacements every year, I usually also discuss other modalities such as physical therapy and injections (both cortisone and viscosupplementation or “gel” shots) when appropriate. Most patients see me after they have exhausted these non-surgical options. Once the pain and stiffness have gotten to a point where quality of life is impacted, we will often discuss surgery. In addition to technical expertise and experience, I feel that education is key to obtaining excellent outcomes. I try to spend as much time as needed to make sure patients understand the procedure itself, and also what to expect afterwards in terms of recovery and return to activity. My staff and I strive to make the surgical process as efficient as possible, and do everything we can to ensure excellent outcomes for all our patients.

Patient with Dr. Ravi Bashyal

Ultra Minimally Invasive Surgery

Many patients can benefit from ultra-minimally invasive joint surgery techniques that avoid cutting muscles, shorten the incision, reduce time in the hospital, lessen pain during recovery and speed return to activity.

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COVID-19 Updates

Keeping Patients Safe During COVID-19

The health and safety of patients, doctors, and staff remains our primary concern. Our healthcare system can now accommodate addressing both COVID-19 concerns and patients suffering from joint pain. We have six key safety measures to keep people safe:

  1. Screening of Staff and Visitors: limited entry points ensure that all staff, patients and visitors are screened before entering the facility; everyone must pass both a symptom and temperature evaluation.
  2. Social Distancing Safeguards: This includes spaced seating, floor markings, signage and limited visitor policies.
  3. Adjusted Scheduling/Virtual Check-Ins: Staggered appointment times and electronic check in to reduce traffic and minimize unneeded contact.
  4. Face Coverings/Masks For All: Staff wear face masks and eye protection and patients are asked to wear face coverings; masks will be provided if needed.
  5. Rigorous Cleaning Protocols in All Areas: Cleaning protocols meet all recommended guidelines to keep everyone safe.
  6. Hand Hygiene: We are committed to safe hand hygiene practices; Every Patient, Every Time.

We continue to monitor COVID-19 to ensure patient safety. Our orthopaedic-only hospital in Skokie was shut down early in the COVID-19 crisis and has remained COVID-19 free throughout the pandemic.

Our robust telehealth schedule will remain open: patients are welcome to schedule telemedicine or in-person visits. Please call Dr. Bashyal at 847-892 4876 for a consultation if you have been told you require knee or hip replacement surgery.

Download Now! 8 Ways that Pre-hab can Improve your Joint Replacement Recovery

Dr. Ravi Bashyal performs ultra-minimally invasive joint replacements and most patients are able to walk the same day and go home to begin their recovery. These incredible results are possible in large part because the patients are motivated and prepared.

    A Center of Excellence

    Recognizing the national trend toward a Center of Excellence approach for complex health problems, Dr. Ravi Bashyal brings the latest in ultra-minimally invasive joint procedures to hip and knee replacement surgery. Dr. Bashyal is a Harvard trained Orthopedic Surgeon providing his patients with the latest treatment options in an environment of compassionate and collaborative care. Dr. Bashyal carefully listens to each of his patients with the intent of providing them with individualized and customized care options for joint pain.

    clinic bar chart Superior Clinical Outcomes

    Dr. Bashyal brings the highest level of clinical outcome analysis and best practice approach to his joint care programs.

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    Patient satisfaction Patient Satisfaction

    Dr. Bashyal provides highly-competent compassionate and collaborative care to all his orthopedic patients.

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    human brain

    “What makes Dr. Ravi Bashyal a unique and highly-qualified orthopedic surgeon, is his attention to detail, his compassionate care and his highly-skilled training”. Our patients share their stories…..

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    Knee and hip prosthesis
    Knee Center of Excellence

    Knee replacement technology has been rapidly evolving over the past decade. Dr. Bashyal’s approach to total knee replacement involves the use of a minimally invasive, muscle sparing surgical technique, combined with customized instrumentation that is individually 3-D printed for each specific patient undergoing surgery with this technique. This technology called patient specific instrumentation, has been shown to be more accurate and more efficient in various studies.

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    hip bone
    Hip Center of Excellence

    Dr. Bashyal has been trained on and performed thousands of total hip replacements using a variety of approaches, including Direct Anterior, Direct Superior, Direct Lateral, and Posterolateral. He has biomedical engineering training in his background, and with it, a unique understaning of hip biomechanics that has allowed him to build customized instrumentation and specialized tools. The combination of all his experience and education has allowed him to develop a customized approach that combines many of the unique benefits of each approach.

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    Caring For Those In Need

    Dr. Bashyal has been an active volunteer and leader for Operation Walk Chicago. This charity organization is committed to providing free hip and knee replacements to needy patients in developing countries around the world.

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