Ultra Minimally Invasive Approach To The Total Hip

Dr. Bashyal has been trained on and performed thousands of total hip replacement surgeries using a variety of approaches, including Direct Anterior, Direct Superior, Direct Lateral, and Posterolateral in Skokie.  He has biomedical engineering training in his background, and with it, a unique understaning of hip biomechanics that has allowed him to build customized instrumentation and specialized tools.  The combination of all his experience and education has allowed him to develop a customized approach that combines many of the unique benefits of each approach.  This approach uses a smaller incision, does not cut any of the critical abductor musculature, and allows for safe, lower-risk surgery.  The scar is placed laterally (on the side) of the hip.

Many patients have asked why he does not put the incision directly in front.  The reason is risk profile – there is data to suggest that putting the incision directly in front can lead to a higher risk of infection, nerve damagefracture, and early loosening/failure of the parts.Ravi Bashyal talking to patient

Dr. Bashyal’s unique approach leads to rapid recovery  – with many patients going home the same day, without any of the special precautions required with the “older” surgical approaches, and rapid return to normal activity. He does NOT use any metal-on-metal bearings that have been the subject of various recalls and safety advisories.  Instead he uses implants that are cutting edge, but also have a proven track record of durability and safety.  This includes the use of highly-crosslinked polyethylene and hypoallergenic metals and ceramics.

Dr Bashyal works to individualize the approach for each patient – avoiding a “cookie-cutter” or “one size fits all” mentality.  His goal is to safely perform the operation in the least invasive manner, that will result in the lowest risk of complication, and the most rapid recovery and return to function.

At the end of the day, happy patients are the most important barometer of a successful operation and a good doctor-patient relationship.  Dr. Bashyal and his team are committed to doing their best to optimize outcomes for patients, and to decrease the anxiety and fear that some patients facing surgery feel, by communicating openly, frequently, and honestly.