Ultra Minimally Invasive Approach To The Total Knee

Knee replacement technology has been rapidly evolving over the past decade. Dr. Bashyal’s approach to total knee replacement involves the use of a minimally invasive, muscle sparing surgical technique, combined with customized instrumentation that is individually 3-D printed for each specific patient undergoing surgery with this technique. This technology called patient specific instrumentation, has been shown to be more accurate and more efficient in various studies.

In this process, the patient undergoes a special xray and MRI prior to surgery that allows for a 3-D computer model to be built. Based on this imaging, as well as his findings from your physical exam in the office, Dr. Bashyal works with a biomedical engineer to custom design a surgical plan for your individual case. This plan is then used by the manufacturer to 3-D print the patient specific instrumentation used for your surgery.

This technology, combined with a minimally invasive surgical technique, and hypoallergenic durable implants can result in a customized knee replacement surgery in Skokie, with an excellent long-term track record that some studies suggest has a lower rate of wear and need for revision than more traditional implants.Ravi Bashyal studying knee bone

A recent meta-analysis (a statistical analysis that combines the results of multiple scientific studies) showed that the use of the system that Dr. Bashyal uses most frequently and has helped to design improvements on may result in better outcomes for patients.

At the end of the day, happy patients are the most important barometer of a successful operation and a good doctor-patient relationship. Dr. Bashyal and his team are committed to doing their best to optimize outcomes for patients, and to decrease the anxiety and fear that some patients facing surgery feel, by communicating openly, frequently, and honestly.